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  • Why convert to LED’s?

    There are many reasons to convert from other light bulbs to LED’s. They are predominantly much more energy efficient than any other bulb on the market. This is because they emit more light than heat, last for around 15 years, and are energy saving bulbs.

    It really is a no-brainer to convert all of your bulbs to LED’s. As they last for over 50,000 hours, (equivalent to 15 years of normal use), replacement is over a decade and a half away from installation.

    Standard incandescent light bulbs are hugely wasteful of power. The energy used to power them produces 90% heat and only 10% light! They should really be referred to as heat bulbs, not light bulbs. LED bulbs operate at just 40 to 50°C and do not omit UV or strobe effect light, which makes them kinder for your skin and eyes too.

    All of these positive factors make LED bulbs the most environmentally friendly, cost effective way to light your home or business.

    To help you bust through the jargon, the power of light that is measured from an LED bulb is measured in lumens. Just over 40 lumens is equivalent to 1 watt in an LED bulb. There are different types of light that LED bulbs produce. Cool white is used to describe the closest type of light to daylight omitting bulbs. While warm white LED’s have a yellow tint to them omitting a softer light. The colour of light is measured in kelvins. We also provide a remote control bulb that changes colour at the touch of a button!

    cool white/daylight are 6500 kelvin

    warm light/similar colour to halogens are 3500 kelvin.

    Browse our website for inspiration. There are a multitude of styles, shapes, sizes and strengths of light to suit your own preference  There will be an LED bulb suitable to replace virtually all other existing bulbs on the market. Please get in touch if you would like us to help advise you as to which bulb would suit your needs best.