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About Us

We are Distributors of high quality LED products

Save Money, Save Energy, Save The Planet, with Sunlight Energy

Sunlight Energy Ltd offer a wide range of LED lighting products

led bulbs floodlights, panel lights, b22, g10

We offer high quality energy efficient LED light bulbs and spotlights as well as a range of LED floodlights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights and LED tube lights at a great price.

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These LED products are a direct replacement for current low efficiency bulbs and spotlights. We stock a full range of fittings types B22(Bayonet), E27, GU10,MR16, GX53 (cob) . Our LED spotlights, bulbs and strip lights come in two types of colours warm white and cool white.

We are currently working hard to bring you a simple to use, no nonsense ecommerce site; a ‘one stop shop’ for your LED lighting needs. We have also developed a comprehensive energy and money saving calculator that will show you the great savings you can achieve by switching to Sunlite LED lighting. You will be surprised how much energy and money you can save by swapping your existing bulbs to LED lights.

We are proud of the website and the fantastic deals we are offering our customers, and we are excited to be part of the green LED lighting revolution. So please benefit from our wide range of high quality LED lights and LED bulbs at jaw dropping prices.

Why LED Lighting

Save Money!

Lit for 3 hours a day, a normal 60W bulb costs £4.27 each year, whereas the 9W LED costs £0.89 per year to operate. LED bulbs last much longer, saving money on replacement bulbs; LEDs have a lifetime of between 25,000 and 50,000 hours, compared to halogen bulbs at 1000 hours and Fluorescent bulbs at 4000 hours.

Save Energy!

LEDs use 80% less energy than regular bulbs. A typical 60W incandescent replacement LED will use as little as 4W.

Save the Planet

LEDs have an energy saving of 80% compared to regular lamps, LEDs are a definite contributor to CO² reduction. LED bulbs are Free of Mercury, have a longer lifespan and are recyclable. You would throw away a whopping 50 incandescent bulbs for the lifespan of a Sunlite LED bulb.

Join the Lighting Revolution at Sunlight Energy. It’s a No Brainer!